Talent Nexus for Women: Mentoring and Leadership Training Programs that are turn-key and easy to administer.

Talent Nexus for Women, powered by Diverse Talent Strategies, provides customize mentoring programs for companies and organizations looking to develop the careers of their female employees.

We offer:

• A proven methodology to create and nurture a diverse leadership team.

• Turn-key, customized women’s leadership initiatives programs designed around the needs of your organization.

• Full-service mentoring and leadership development program administration.

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Mentoring Software

Talent Nexus for Women, powered by Diverse Talent Strategies, has developed proprietary software to train mentors, match mentees with appropriate mentors, and support those mentoring relationships.

Women participating in the mentoring program have access to mentors internal or external to your organization, giving them the means to strengthen their networks and to learn from a Rolodex of professional women from all over the world. All mentors go through our training process, teaching them how to effectively offer best practices, guide problem-solving and share experiences with their mentees. Men can participate too!  The software is administered by us, which creates a turn-key way to provide mentoring services to your staff.

Talent Nexus for Women, powered by Diverse Talent Strategies, offers leadership workshops  to engage and develop participants in the nuts and bolts of honing leadership skills. Our 90-minute facilitated programs lead women through practical, hands-on training that gives them the tools to tackle real–world situations.  These workshops can be facilitated by us or by a client designee through our train-the-trainer program.

We have a number of workshops to choose from, including:

• Fundamentals in Mentoring
• Propelling your Career with Mentors and Sponsors
• The Art of Negotiation
• Networking with Intention

Leadership Skills Development


Companies Who Care

Talent Nexus for Women, powered by Diverse Talent Strategies, has a mission to create the largest and most effective professional mentoring program for women in the world. To that end, we have partnered with the Pass The Torch for Women Foundation to provide mentoring programs for female college students.

A portion of our revenue is used to fund the Pass The Torch for Women Foundation’s efforts to provide mentoring services to women college students. When you align your women’s leadership development programs in a shared mentoring program powered by Talent Nexus for Women, you are also supporting the vision for empowering all women professionally.

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